Heavy Duty Vehicle Service Equipment
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Shop Press, Truck Jacks, & Towing Equipment


Heavy duty vehicle service equipment at the most affordable delivered pricing.

If you need a Shop Press, Diesel Engine Stand, Transmission Jack, Air Lift Jack or Towing equipment we supply the best.

Our heavy duty service equipment includes an array of hydraulic pumps, cylinders and jacks designed to endure the rigors of the most demanding environments.


Hydraulic Pumps / Cylinders and Tools

electric hydraulic pump

Portable hydraulic power, a must have in heavy equipment repair shops.

See our complete range of hydraulic components including electric, gas and rotary air hydraulic pumps, threaded and hollow hole cylinders, double and single acting cylinders, cylinders for pulling and pushing, high tonnage cylinders, low profile and flat body cylinders and more.

Standard 10,000 psi components for versatility. Pumps are 4-way, 3-way or dump valve actuated by solenoid switch, remote pendant switch, foot treadle or manual switch.